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Come to Bayreuth: Study opportunities for internationals

The University of Bayreuth offers a wide range of attractive study programmes for international students. With an international, interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching, the university creates an inspiring learning environment. The University of Bayreuth also attaches great importance to the integration of international students. Special support programmes are offered for international students to ensure a smooth start and a successful study experience. Here is an overview of our programme types: 

Degree-seeking students

As a degree-seeking student, you will complete a full degree programme at the University of Bayreuth. In this way, you will acquire a high-quality degree and gain a rich cultural experience at the same time. You can find an overview of the degree programmes on offer at the bottom of this page in the degree programme finder. 

Double Degree

Double degree programmes offer students the opportunity to study at a partner university abroad and also gain a second degree. This longer stay abroad allows them to familiarize themselves intensively with the culture and language of the other country, from which they benefit for the rest of their lives. 

Semester abroad in Bayreuth

Would you like to spend a semester abroad at the University of Bayreuth? Then we look forward to welcoming you. You can study at the University of Bayreuth for one or two semesters as an exchange student as part of a contractually agreed exchange programme (e.g. via ERASMUS+, bilateral university exchange) or as a free mover (students without an exchange programme). 

All degree programmes available at the University of Bayreuth are listed here and can be filtered in alphabetical order according to the following criteria: Bachelor's, Teacher Education, Master's, Law, MBA, International, Supplementary Programmes. 

Study programme finder

Study programme finder