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Start your studies with our Campus Guide.

Are you pondering over the best university in Germany? The quest for the perfect answer can be as diverse as the sources you consult. Whether seeking advice from ChatGPT, reaching out to friends, reading Google reviews, or relying on rankings, opinions may vary. Naturally, we proudly recommend the University of Bayreuth as your ideal choice. Welcome to our vibrant campus! If you're preparing to kickstart your academic adventure in Germany, our comprehensive guide has got you covered. 

Location of study: ✔️ Check. But the subject: still uncertain? Choosing the right field of study as an international degree-seeking student is both thrilling and challenging. Fear not, as we provide a roadmap to guide you through this decision-making process. Here are key steps to help you discover the perfect degree programme for your academic aspirations: 

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Discover Your Path

Take the time to explore your interests, skills, and long-term goals. Delve into self-discovery, and let us assist you in your research journey. Our Programme Finder is your go-to resource, allowing you to explore all degree programmes at the University of Bayreuth while filtering based on your interests. For added convenience, we offer a range of English-taught degree programmes designed to appeal to our international student community. Feel free to schedule a personal counseling appointment for tailored guidance. 

Selecting and Applying to Your Dream Programme

Ready to make a choice? Fantastic! Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your selected degree programme, including admission criteria, language certificates, and application deadlines. Our Programme Finder provides comprehensive details. Don't forget to pay attention to application deadlines – late submissions won't be accepted. For any queries, check out our FAQs or connect with our incoming degree programme team. If you're considering a semester abroad, the International Office has the information you need. 

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Navigating the Visa Process

For international students, securing a visa may be necessary. Review these requirements early – about a year before your studies commence – and schedule an embassy appointment. You will find detailed information on the application process on the German Academic Exchange Service website


The Countdown to Your Studies Begins! Congratulations on your admission! Once all requirements are met and documents submitted on time, you're ready to enrol at the University of Bayreuth. Visit the Student Administration Office's website for precise instructions. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our campus community. 

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Preparation for the Academic Adventure

As you gear up for a new chapter, consider accommodation, networking, and other organizational aspects. Our Welcome Services offer valuable information to keep your to-do list organized. If you're in search of accommodations, we've compiled helpful resources for you. 

Commencement at the University of Bayreuth

Welcome to the Gamechanger Campus – the University of Bayreuth! Anticipate an exceptional academic experience, supported by our top-ranking Orientation Week. Here, not only do careers take off, but lasting friendships are formed. Navigate our close-knit campus with ease as you become an integral part of our dynamic community. 

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