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Costs of living and studying in Bayreuth

Students in Germany spend an average of €850 on living expenses. Of course, these costs vary greatly depending on where you live and your lifestyle.

However, to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay per month, we have put together an example table of the costs that students in Bayreuth are likely to incur: 

  • Accommodation costs student hall of residence (approx. € 350)
  • Health insurance (approx. € 100)
  • Broadcasting licence or "GEZ" fee (approx. € 18)
  • Costs for telephone and internet (approx. € 25)
  • Costs for food / canteen (approx. € 200)

In addition to the other costs, the semester fee is approximately €140, but this only has to be paid once per semester. Costs for leisure activities such as entrance fees or restaurant visits as well as travelling expenses within Germany and visits home tend to vary, so we have not included them in our chart. 

Financing your studies

Since you have a visa as a student in Germany, you not only have a residence permit but also a work permit. This means that nothing stands in the way of a part-time job or working student job, for example, to finance the monthly costs.