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Tips on financing your studies

In order to successfully finance your studies, it is very important to gather information at an early stage and inform yourself in detail about the various options available. Student assistant positions at the university, scholarships, part-time jobs or student loans, for example, can create a solid foundation for a successful period of study and reduce financial pressure. 

Student assistant jobs, working student jobs, part-time jobs in companies

One way to earn some extra money during your studies is, for example, to work as a student assistant at your own university or as a working student in a company. These positions not only offer additional income, but also give you an insight into the working world of your own specialization. 

Scholarships and funding programmes

Scholarships are also a valuable source of funding for students. They can be awarded by various institutions, companies, foundations or even government programmes. Scholarships are often based on special achievements, whether academic, artistic or social. They not only provide financial support, but also promote personal and professional development. One of the largest scholarship databases is provided by the DAAD. The International Office of the University also offers international students the opportunity to apply for a study grant. However, this is only possible for outstanding students in higher semesters, and there is no financing is available for students at the beginning of their studies. 

Discounts for students

The city of Bayreuth will give you a digital welcome voucher when you start your studies. This entitles you to discounted admission or free offers. You can access it in the campus app "UBT" under "My UBT App" in "Gutscheine Stadt Bayreuth". Here you will also find an overview of catering, retail and leisure providers that offer student discounts. All you have to do is register. This requires a digital voucher code.

As a first semester student, you will receive the voucher code from your student council or at one of the introductory events. You will also automatically receive the voucher when you register with the City of Bayreuth. If you have not received a voucher, please contact your student council.

Part-time jobs in shops and restaurants

Many students choose to work in the catering or retail sectors during their studies in order to improve their financial situation and gain practical experience at the same time. In the catering industry, students often work as waiters, baristas, or kitchen assistants. Catering jobs usually offer flexible working hours that can be easily combined with studies. The retail sector is also a popular choice for students when it comes to part-time jobs. Here, for example, they help out in sales, assist with stocktaking, or stock shelves in supermarkets. A short walk through Bayreuth's city centre is often enough to come across a "Staff wanted" poster. 

Meal subsidy

In the winter semester 2023/24, the Studentenwerk Oberfranken will again grant subsidies for students at the University of Bayreuth, subject to available funds. The voluntary subsidy must be applied for by 30 October 2023 and is then valid for one lunch per day. 

€ 29 student Germany ticket

Students can order the discounted Deutschlandticket for € 29 from 11 September from VGN or its sales partner VAG. The ticket is issued as a digital subscription and, like any Deutschlandticket, can be cancelled monthly. For € 29 per month, students can travel on local and regional transport throughout Germany

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