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Orientation programme for international students

Welcome to your new chapter – the Freshers' Weeks at our university! An exciting time awaits you in Bayreuth. On this page you will find a summary of the most important programme points for international first-year students. This will help you prepare for your time at the University of Bayreuth! The Welcome Services team of the International Office will support you.

German Courses prior to the Semester

In cooperation with the Institute for International Communication and Foreign Cultural Exchange (IIK), the International Office offers a fee-based German course with two levels prior to the semester start. The first course is suitable for students with little or no knowledge of German (A1) to familiarize themselves with the language for the first time and learn the most important phrases to make living in Bayreuth easier from the start. The second course is targeted towards students who already have a good command of the German language and want to refresh and deepen their knowledge (B1/B2). These German courses are an additional offer for international students and cannot be used to earn certain German certificates, which qualify for starting to study in Germany. One month prior to the beginning of the semester the Welcome Services will send out more information regarding the registration and schedule.

Orientation Week

Orientation week prepares new international students for their studies at the University of Bayreuth, explains structures and processes at the university and life in Germany. Therefore, this is a central element of the first weeks in Bayreuth, and international students are required to take part! Participation is mandatory for all international students! Detailed information regarding the date and form of the orientation week will be communicated to all admitted students by the Welcome Services team via e-mail. Save-the-date: The next orientation week will take place from 3 to 12 April 2024.

Prep courses

Some departments and degree courses offer first-year students the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, particularly in the field of mathematics, before the start of the lecture period. As a rule, such preparatory courses last one to two weeks. Registration is not necessary.

Don't lose your bearings

Sometimes the abbreviations that are commonplace for higher semesters and university employees cause confusion for first-year students. When we talk about RW, AI, Geo or GW, we mean the buildings on campus. To help you find your way around, we recommend that you take a look at the campus map. By the way: the map is also printed in small print on the back of the Campus Cards!

Online Mathematics Bridging Course OMB+

Whether you are studying engineering, economics, science or computer science, mathematics plays an important role in many degree courses. You can also use an external online offer for independent preparation: the Online Mathematics Bridge Course OMB+. The course is only available in German.

Course "Introduction to cmlife for students of all faculties"

PULS – the service center for process monitoring and support in the area of teaching and students accompanies processes with the aim of further developing study quality. The team contributes to exchange and networking between the faculties and acts as an interface to central institutions in the area of teaching and students. PULS also offers courses for international students, e.g. "Introduction to cmlife for students of all faculties".

Enrolment session in Bayreuth and welcome event in Kulmbach

The enrolment session is a university-wide event right at the beginning of the lecture period. Take the opportunity to get to know your future fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere and find out which student initiatives suit you best. Because with your commitment you make our university even more colourful, livable and lovable! Save-the-date: Details to follow.

There is also a Welcome Event for the new students of the three degree courses in Kulmbach. It will take place in the Dr.-Stammberger-Halle (address: Sutte 2, 95326 Kulmbach). Save-the-date: Details will follow.

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Any questions?

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